Thoughts from July 2007

happy birthday howies

Birthday_email2 Howies (they help make our t-shirts and stuff) are a grand twelve years old this month. An older friend to our youthful eight. And well done to Ade on winning the pallet truck race. Glad to see you're keeping yourselves busy down there. *we don't expect that you have a pallet truck at your place, but if you do, please don't try this at home.

an afternoon stroll around fruit towers

I've just taken a quick afternoon stroll around Fruit Towers armed with a camera. Here's what I found.. Dsc_0012 Jonathan's desktop horticulture, as already featured here on howies blog. (Sorry we missed this story and another blog got to you first Jonathan). Also featured above is Craggy's Beckenham beckoning cat. Dsc_0013_2 Two tennis balls from last year's Wimbledon in little Damien Hirst like tanks, signed by one of the Williams sisters and Billy Jean King . Dsc_0014 A strange little garden. Not as natural as Jonathan's but nice all the same. Dsc_0018 The original set from our 2004 fruitstock video invite. Dsc_0016 A picture of probably the best company headquarters in the world and the lingering remains of Scandinavia day. I'll try and do another stroll again soon. Is there anything in particular you'd be interested in seeing?

super stockist

A while ago, we ran a competition for the nice people who stock our drinks to find our very own super stockist. They had to write and tell us 3 reasons why they thought they were super.

The winner was Dominic of Mother Earth in Stoke Newington. Here he is in front of his shop.


Dominic's reasons for being a super stockist were:

  • 1. Mother Earth is a small, independent and happy shop.
  • 2. We leave 'real food' to the marketing people and just sell what's good.
  • 3. In fact, that might be our new motto: Super Happy Good Food.

Dominic has also just become the proud dad of Méabh and loves chatting about her.

It's a great little place, so if you're in the area and in need of some excellent food or just want to see how little Méabh is doing, make sure you stop by and say hello.

Dominic_super_stockist_12 Super hero cape. Check. Super smoothies. Check. Ability to leap between tall buildings. Pending.

innocent village fete – full line up announced

Our village fete committee has been working away tirelessly behind the scenes for some time now, living on a diet of tea, cakes and piles and piles of paper. So we're very glad to now formally announce the full line up of acts to you. Here's a little guide to the some of our selected bits:

Adem playing on the Bandstand on Saturday and the Acoustic Stage on Sunday

We wrote a little introduction to Adem last week. We're very excited to have him play on Saturday on the Acoustic Bandstand. Sit near the front, he'll be good.

Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band playing on the Bandstand on Saturday & Sunday

Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band had two of the biggest selling UK albums of the sixties. It's now 2007, it's the innocent villlage fete and as the title of their latest album puts it, it's 'The Return Of The G'.

Little Barrie playing in the Entertainment Tent on Sunday

Little Barrie are named after their guitarist, singer and songwriter Barrie Cadogan. We don't actually know how tall he is. Little Barrie's debut LP 'We Are Little Barrie' was released to rave reviews in 2005. Since then, Barrie has been playing with Primal Scream, but is now ready for our fete. Bring it on Barrie.

Jack Savoretti playing on the Acoustic Stage stage on Saturday & Sunday

Jack Savoretti is a bit special. Just 22 years old, strikingly handsome, with soulful Latin good looks, his sinuous, husky, emotive voice synthesizes with his fluid, inventive guitar playing so you can hardly tell where one begins and the other ends. One for the ladies.

The Fairey Band playing on the Bandstand on Saturday


Founded in 1937, The Fairey Band are undoubtedly one of the world's leading brass bands. The 32-piece outfit from Stockport are sixteen times British Open Champions (brass bands open not tennis) and nine times winners of the title 'National Champion Band of Great Britain'. Past winners of the BBC's 'Best of Brass' and twice holders of the 'Granada Band of the Year'. They look very smart in their blue jackets and will hopefully add an air of bygone class to Saturday afternoon, as well as hopefully playing some of their patented acid house classics (they do you know - they do brass versions of old acid house tunes - we are excited about this).

Earl Okin playing on the Bandstand stage on Saturday & Sunday

Earl Okin is one of those rare performers - a true original. His one man show has made his name a legend at the Edinburgh International Festival and venues around the world. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll shout 'do that one again, Earl'.

The Epstein playing in the Entertainment Tent on Saturday & Sunday

Oxford’s loveable alt-country favourites The Epstein are au fait with a myriad of instruments including the banjo, mandolin, sitar, bouzouki, sitar, glockenspiel and many more. The Epstein's debut album 'The Last of the Charangistas’ is forthcoming and the band just received the impressive accolade of runners up in the 'Glastonbury Emerging Act' competition. One to watch out for.

Kitty,Daisy and Lewis playing in the Alfresco Ballroom on Saturday & Sunday

This brother and sister trio are so talented it's almost not funny, rattling through a rockabilly set like mini-me versions of Elvis, Billie Holiday and Johnny Cash. Constantly swapping instruments, the prodigiously talented youngsters win over crowds who more often than not yelp, jostle and jive in appreciation. So good even Blue Peter had to have them on.

London Swing Dance Society dancing in the Alfresco Ballroom on Saturday & Sunday

The UK's biggest and longest running swing dance club. Please feel free to join in.

And it’s not just the music. On both days we will have amazing stage comedy from two of Edinburgh Festival's most renowned acts – DotComedy and the Strangelings, both performing their absurd brand of street theatre on the bandstand in between acts.

Plus loads more. See you on the grass.