Thoughts from July 2007

work it

This afternoon Shilpee, Chris, Laura, Hannah and Otis visited Teddington School to run a smoothie workshop. We had the pleasure of meeting Pat's year seven class and teaching them all about fruit, before having a competition to see who could make the best strawberry and banana smoothie.


Chris and two new friends


Year seven show Laura how it's done


While Shilpee demonstrates how to hull a strawberry


And there you have it

bless you

Hayfever is a pain at this time of year.

what mad people do


At 6am BST on Monday 16th July, some fit/insane people will attempt to complete l’Étape du Tour. It's a stage of the Tour de France that anyone can apply to race in, but it isn't one of those flat stages where everyone pedals along in a nice happy peloton, swigging red wine and eating Camembert. No, it's more like one of those spiky stages where you have to pedal up mountains, then fly down the other side, then grunt your way up another incline, etc.

All in all, there are five big climbs, including one that lasts for 19.2km (ouch), so we doff our caps to our friend Paul, who is broadcasting his attempts to complete the stage at


On Monday itself, his site will have a link to Google Earth so that you can fly the route that he's done, and cyclist's-eye photos taken from the handlebars updated live every five minutes, so if you fancy doing the Étape from the comfort of your desk, follow Paul's progress. And if you find yourself in a giving mood, sponsor Paul to the tune of a few quid right here - he's pedalling in aid of The Grove Hospice in St. Albans.