Thoughts from January 2007

michael est tombée


Our very own "Extreme" Mike Stevens went snowboarding in France over New Year. Unfortunately there wasn't a right lot of snow and in its place there was rather too much ice. Poor Mike hit a particularly skiddy patch and then the next thing he knew he was being towed down the mountain in this stylish man-papoose. He had a spot of concussion and a twisted ankle, but thanks to his crash helmet, that was all. Shaken Stevens went on to celebrate New Years Eve with just a few glasses of cordial and lots of bed rest. Ahh.

(We checked with Mike before we posted this story, just to make sure he was OK with us showing this picture of him. In his reply he said "it's fine by me but I would make it more exciting and include words like 'gnarly', 'polar bear attack' or 'rabid marmottes'.")

hard talk


Our Rich was on the telly the other night. Interviewed on the BBC's Hard Talk no less. He did pretty well, considering he was given a good grilling about us being an "annoyingly perky" company. You can watch it here.

Just so you know, when Richard isn't doing hard hitting business interviews, he dresses as an elf. He's pictured above, in the middle of his fellow innocent founders, Adam (Santa) and Jon (other elf).

new year's resolutions

Here are a few of ours...

Ailana "To be able to swim more than 5 lengths front crawl without drowning"
Fordy "To stop burping"
Craggy "Eat more pickled onions"
Gurdeep "To restrict myself to one new manbag a season"
Rachel "Wear more hats - stylish and practical"
Dan "Spend more time playing with children’s toys"
Geoffrey "Learn to play the trumpet (ideally like Miles Davis did)."
Ops Matt "To appear on the innocent blog / newsletter every week. It's going to be tough but I'm up for the challenge."

What are yours?

we're back on the telly

We've just made a brand new telly ad, bright and fresh for the New Year (you can see our previous two here and here). It stars our very own Dan, who has worked here since we started, has got a good beard (he shaved a bit for the ad), writes the funny stuff on our labels and is responsible for the vast majority of our blog posts.

We hope you like it.