Thoughts from January 2007

a video for friday

Today we discovered 'Innocent' by Alexander O'Neal.

It's hot. Not quite up there with 'Criticize', but it still makes us want to dance.

all-new smoothie of the month


Please say hello to our new smoothie of the month. We're guessing that you've figured out the idea - we're going to change this recipe every month, which means that our kitchen is going to get busy. But that's a good thing - there are an awful lot of recipes that we come up with that never see the light of day.

And this gives us a chance to let you try them.

First up is beetroot, pear, apple and ginger. Spot on for January, when we imagine that a few of you will be attempting to do some sort of detox. It should help you avoid all hosepipe and cabbage-based solutions.

If you have any thoughts for February and beyond, post them pronto...

without moderation

Just a note to say that we've stopped checking all comments before they're posted. Since we started the blog, we've only had one unpublishable comment, so we thought we'd stop checking and allow comments to be instantaneously published.

But please don't see this as an excuse to start getting rude. My mum reads this blog.

the tree man


We'd like to introduce you to Richard a.k.a. the tree man. Yesterday he popped round to take down our Christmas tree and take it off for recycling, so Eleanor and Lucy T took the opportunity to interview him about trees and stuff...

Name: Richard

What he does: He looks after all the plants in Fruit Towers, brought us our Christmas tree and is now taking it away for recycling (he even hoovered up the needles). If you check with your local council, they'll almost certainly be running a collection scheme to get the trees mulched up and used for compost.

How long has he been coming to innocent: Every 2 weeks for the last 3 years.

Company: His company is called Urban Planters and they look after plants in offices, hotels and restaurants.

Favourite plant: The Ficus tree (fig tree), of which we have a number around Fruit Towers.

Top tips for house plants: Don't overwater them, check to see if the soil is still moist and if it is then there's no need to add more water. The best way to keep the leaves of house plants shiny and pest free is to spray them with a solution of washing up liquid (he recommmends Ecover) and water and then give them a loving wipe.

Favourite innocent drink:
Blackcurrant juicy water.

kiss kiss kiss

Our mistletoe competition is kind of over (Christmas happened a little while ago for those of you who have been asleep) but if you've got any kissing pics that you still need to add to the flickr group (425 photos and counting), now's the time to act - we'll be picking the winners in the next few days.

Meanwhile, we just discovered this clipping from Christmas Eve's edition of the Sunday Tribune, featuring a picture of our very own Conor and Hannah. Whattaclinch.