Thoughts from January 2007

our happy place


Marijntje working that Stairmaster

Those nice people at the Beeb say we're working in a happy office. Which is terribly important, otherwise our table football skills would suffer. Read more here.

kiss people and win stuff...the winners


You may remember back in December we sent a little Xmas gift to those of you in our innocent family who requested to receive a mystery present. Well the present isn't a mystery any more (it was a sprig of mistletoe) and neither are the winners of our 'kiss people and win stuff' competition. The victors of each category are all featured here for your viewing pleasure, well done to each and everyone of them.

we recycled 13 trees


We just received a certificate from Paper Round, the company that collect all our waste white paper, to say that in 2006 we recycled 760Kg of paper. That's the equivalent to 13 trees or 3,200kWh of energy. Good news for monkeys everywhere.