Thoughts from January 2007

we're in the top ten


Somehow our recipe book has made it to number 7 in the bestsellers list on Amazon. Number 7 out of all the books that they have in their big warehouse. Wow. Could have something to do with the fact that it's on special offer at £5.99.

Just thought we'd let you know, in case it's your Nan's birthday soon.

kylie's got a crush on us


Although Kylie is currently suffering from a touch of the flu, we think we know what she'll be drinking to help her get over it. We got a note from her tour manager the other day saying this:

"I would like to thank you both for sending so many lovely bottles of innocent drinks to Kylie while we have been at Wembley ! We love them and try to have them in the dressing room wherever we go ! She loves innocent stuff."

The feeling is mutual.

rise and shine


breakfast smoothie pictured far left and breakfast thickie pictured next to the oranges

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we tend to agree with them. This week we launched two shiny new breakfast drinks. Our oranges, mandarins & raspberries breakfast smoothie is the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of cereal and slice of toast in the morning. What's more, your average single glass provides 2 whole portions of fruit and over 100% of your RDA of vitamin C. Should help get you off to a better start than even Linford Christie, or maybe Kris Akabusi - I can't remember who was the quicker.

Then there's our yoghurt, oats, raspberries & blueberries breakfast thickie which makes the perfect breakfast in a bottle. Ideal for elevenses or great when you've slept in and need 'breakfast on the go' like very busy and important people do. In keeping with all this talk of important stuff, our breakfast thickie is also packed with lots of goodness like natural energy, fibre and 40% of your RDA of calcium (for healthy bones and teeth). Oh and it also comes in our new eco bottle which is a lot better for the environment, also pretty important these days.

So much to say. Better have a lie down.