Thoughts from January 2007

snow on the blog

We've already had fog on the blog, now it's the turn of 'snow on the blog'. Personally I can't wait for the 'first spring daffodils on the blog' and 'warm summer sun on the blog'.





bid for a piece of history


We've put the pink tshirt up for auction on eBay. You know, the one that's worn in our new TV advert. To be honest, it was sitting under my desk doing nothing in particular, so we thought that if we auctioned it off, we could raise a few quid for Wellchild in the process. Everyone's a winner.

Well, actually, only one person will technically be a winner, but you get the idea.

So bid now, bid well and bid high. A good charity will benefit. And if you're lucky, maybe one day this will happen:

YOU: "Do you remember that advert for innocent where the bearded man wears that pink tshirt?

FRIEND: "I think so. Is it the one with the dancing frog in it?"

YOU: "No. But there is a bloke with a beard who wears a pink tshirt. And guess what?"


fermenting smoothies

You might have read about some fermenting innocent products in the press today.

Here's what happened. Two weeks ago, we discovered one of our batches of Strawberries and Bananas smoothie, 250ml bottles (with 'enjoy by' date 15th January) was fermenting.

Fermentation is both natural and safe, but it can make the drinks fizzy. And we take the quality of our drinks seriously, therefore we immediately recalled all the affected bottles from stores.

This hasn't affected any other recipes and it doesn't affect any of our smoothies in cartons, our kids smoothies or our juicy waters.

We did, however, withdraw the next two batches of Strawberries and Bananas bottles just to be on the safe side. But, as we expected, they were absolutely fine, as are all the rest of the our drinks.

So just to be totally clear, there are no affected bottles on shelf anymore.

You can read more about looking after your smoothie here.

Obviously, if you've got any questions or issues, please do get in touch. Drop a line to us at or give us a ring on the banana phone.

the miracle of shepherds bush


Spotted outside a carwash, around the corner from the BP garage on Shepherds Bush Green - our logo, which has spookily appeared on the pavement.

We thank Andrew from Konditor and Cook, makers of excellent cakes, for sending us the photo. Weird.

Andrew would also like us to link to Radio Panda, where you can hear music made by him and some other people too.