Thoughts from February 2007

turn it off


Here's a clever gizmo that sits between your electricity socket and the plug of your appliance (like the light timer you use to let burglars know you're on holiday), which stops power flowing to a device that’s on standby. Smart.

(from Engadget, via our very own Alasdair)

conor leaves us again


Conor has left us again. He tried to do it a few months ago but ended up coming back. This time he wrote a haiku to commemorate the occasion:

synthetic grass soft
underfoot; goodbye to my
two portions of fruit

Of course, he'll be back (again).

euro prize

Marijntje (in the middle) collects the trophy

We won a prize. We think it's the first prize we've one for being a good European (as opposed to British) company, so we are naturally getting excited and doing a whoopee dance.

Specifically, the prize was the European Business Award for Growth Strategy. After winning the regional and national heats at the end of last year, we were up against some big guns like EDF Energy and O2 this time around. We did very well to win.

Niels and Marijntje from our Dutch office went to pick up the award. Here's a picture of Niels trying to break it during the train ride home.


catch them if you can

Trainers, check. Vaseline, check. Tired limbs: check, check, check.


Our very own Nikki, Nicky, Ceri & Eloise are feeling a touch motivated and very charitable. You see they're running the London Marathon and need to raise £6000 for WellChild along the way. Wellchild is a fantastic charity, have a look for yourself:

They're going to keep us up to date with running tips - like how to avoid the deep puddles and whether lycra is better than cotton, should be good. The fab four would also love you to write in with any tips, or - if you'd like to sponsor them, well that would be absolutely fantastic and will help them on their way to raising £6000 for Wellchild.

Here's to 26.3 miles, WellChild and sports bras. Check out their sponsorship form here: