Thoughts from February 2007

it's snowing again

Much to our delight, it's started snowing again. No good for anyone who actually needs to get anything done today, but otherwise it’s brilliant.


our february smoothie of the month (blackcurrants, raspberries and redcurrants)


ermintrude in disguise

how do you eat yours?


John the fruit man delivered us a whole box of lychees yesterday. Craggy has a very good way of eating them that means your fingers don't get sore.


First of all, bite the whole lychee round the middle, through the skin. Then pull the top of the skin off, and suck out the lychee. Be careful not to swallow the stone (it's quite big, and slightly poisonous).


All gone.

we'll soon have more space

As soon as we'd opened Unit 6, we knew we'd need even more space. You see, there are about 200 of us these days, new people are starting all the time, and space is at a premium. So we asked the neighbours if they fancied moving out, they said yes and we got the keys to Units 1 & 2 a few weeks ago (we already have Units 3, 4, 5 and 6).

Here's our guide to converting some empty industrial units into a nice place to work:

Put up a big number outside. It helps the postman.

Erect strong girders and get a big pile of wood.

Ask a carpenter to build you some booths, so that you have a place where you can drink coffee, eat sandwiches and read the papers.

Find an architect called Laszlo and a project manager called John. Ideally they will both own tape measures.

Get lots of cables. These cables are crucial in connecting us to the outside world, enabling us to blog and phone our mums.

Have in-depth discussions with the architect about the width of passageways, colour of booths, etc.

And finally, discover a secret path that leads to the new place, which we hope will look half decent with a few trestle tables and a bit of bunting when the summer arrives.

mightier than the sword...


Our friends over at Albion (a creative hot shop not public house) have come up with a neat invention to do yourself some good while chewing on your pen. They're currently looking into the patent so keep your eyes out in WH Smith's over the next few months.