Thoughts from February 2007

viking amnesty


We are seeking your information in helping us to track down 'cathybluecat'. You see Cathy was one of the joint winners of our kiss people and win stuff competition last month. We have been unable to get hold of Cathy to arrange the delivery of her year's supply of smoothies however.

Maybe you can help? Are you, or do you know the above viking? Do you recognise the posters in the picture below? Did you witness Cathy or any of her friends with a sprig of mistletoe around late December last year? Our own investigations have led us into thinking the pictures were taken at a Xmas fancy dress party hosted at a hotel or guest house. (Reception signs are present in the background of some pictures).


If you know Cathy can you please tell her to check her flickr account's email inbox to claim her prize. (For the entrepreneurial amongst you this is the only way the prize can be claimed, we won't be accepting any other claims to be Cathy via email or telephone just so you know).

gerald - the winner


Here's Gerald - the man who won the pink tshirt. He sent us a picture so we could see what he looks like, but he isn't wearing the pink tshirt yet. It's still in its wrapping:

"While the famous pint t-shirt has not yet been unwrapped from the red ribbon, let alone taken out of the green bag it came in, I thought I'd send you a quick email with a picture attached so you don't have to use one of a baseball player, even if he does look kinda cool and has a better signature than me, just because there are very few Geralds in this world!"

just desserts



A few of us lot went out for a slap up meal at a lively Brazilian restaurant a while ago. Pictured above is a unique acai (the Brazilian super berry) jelly that tempted Shrimp for dessert. Notice Erin looking on, spoon at the ready.

What Shrimp failed to tell Erin though was that this dessert also contains banana.



Erin hates banana.