Thoughts from February 2007

three things that happened this week

Last week it snowed and this week it rained. A lot. However, not easily put off, we donned our waterproof jackets and set off on our early morning runs as usual.*

Running conditions aside, there were three things on our minds this week. Firstly there were Nicky's massive blisters which have become a bit of a talking point here at Fruit Towers. Then there were Eloise's sore knees. And finally the issue of how we could help WellChild find volunteers to help out on the day of the Marathon. No solutions for the first two problems, we decided that the best way sort out the third was to tell you all about it on our blog.

In a nutshell, WellChild are looking for volunteers to cheer loudly for all their runners, tell lots of people about all the great stuff WellChild does for sick children and give Wellchild goodies to other spectators. There are 2 official WellChild supporting points at Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf and they also need lots of supporters at the start and finish as well as in St James Park to guide and welcome the weary Wellchild runners home. If you would like to help out please complete this online application form.

More on Nicky's blisters next week.

*please don't tell our mums or they'll get worried we'll catch a cold.

a book to help us save the planet

Call me a latecomer, but we found this at the Design Museum the other day. Originally published in 2002 and updated last year, it's "a complete guide to beautifully conceived, ecologically sensitive and consumer-friendly furniture and objects for everyday use". In other words, it should help us kit out the office without screwing the planet.


return of the bag

Dan wrote a post about his bag a while ago and now it's my turn.

The zip on my trusted Eastpak broke before Christmas after a few year's good use. Much like Dan I was quite attached to my bag after it had accompanied me to Japan, Ghana, China, Tibet and various places in Europe. Then I remembered that Eastpak are so confident in their product that they offer a 30 year standard warranty on all their bags, so after filling out a form on their website I posted my broken bag back to them.


Sure enough this week I got a nice parcel from Eastpak. What I quite liked was that rather than send me a brand new bag they had sewn a new zip into my old bag (I recognised the fluff and tat at the bottom). Both logic and sustainability would point to fixing the original problem - if only 5% of the something is broken then fix that 5% rather than bin 95% and start again.

They left my bag better than they found it.

bjorn again


Worn Again are a great company that make shoes and bags out of other things. Like prison blankets, car seats and reclaimed jeans. They have kindly offered us one pair of shoes (of your choice) to give away in a competition. Read on.


To be in with a chance to win, tell us in no more than 50 words about something that you've managed to re-use in a very different way than it was first intended. Post your answers as comments, by Thursday 22nd February. Most original wins, and keep it clean please.

how to make 2007 a little better

In January we did a little tour of the UK, giving away drinks and meeting people. While we were out and about we ran a competition for the people we met, to win a year's supply of smoothies. There was also space on the back of the postcard for people to let us know how they planned to make 2007 a little better.

Here are some of our favourites: