Thoughts from February 2007

help us fix our macs


Our IT folks have asked us to pass on a request:

Do any of you guys know a good technical Mac guy/gal? We have realised that our Mac aid is rather "bum", and anyone we have asked for help has suggested that we use holy water. So we are looking for a temp diamond geezer type of person who can come down every now and then, when their services are required.

Anyone know a good Mac doctor? Someone willing to come and help us out whenever our Macs start wheezing a bit? I'm guessing that if you're in west London, that would be a good start. All suggestions welcome.

what should we make films about?

We like making films. We made a nice one about our apples a couple of months ago, and there's plenty more to watch on our YouTube channel. But we thought it was about time we became a bit more responsive and started making stuff that you want to watch. So we want you to tell us what films we should be making.

Our camera skills mean that they'll be fairly basic, but we'd love it if you could tell us what questions you need answering, which innocent people you'd like us to interview, which stories you'd like us to tell.

Post your thoughts as comments at the end of this post - we'll give a month's supply of smoothies to our favourite one.

In the mean time, here's something to brighten up your day - an interview with our very own Shrimp.

p-p-p pancake day

A little something for Shrove Tuesday.

You'll be humming this when you cook your pancakes later, it's 18 years since I first heard it and I still am. Don't forget to get a lemon on the way home. Real ones are best - you can use the leftovers in your tea tomorrow.

carved into an apple


Catherine Webb sent us this smart picture of her handiwork. She kindly allowed us to use it, as long as put some sort of official copyright thing nearby. So...

© Catherine Webb 2007