you fools


Last week we let people know that we're about to retire an old recipe - blackberries and blueberries is currently spending its last few days on the shelves. In its place will come an even more berry-focused recipe (hard to believe, I know, but true), ready to be unleashed at the start of 2008.

Our loyal family members were given an email address ( where they could tell us if we were goofing up royally. And some people took the opportunity to let us know, pulling no punches. I would like to say that there was a full and frank exchange of views, but mostly we just hid in the corner whimpering while they said the following:


‘You fools isn't strong enough!’

‘Ridiculous... absolutely ridiculous. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.’

‘The war on Iraq; Geri Halliwell's decision to leave the Spice Girls and go solo; Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin singing in Paint Your Wagon; marrying Brigitte Nielsen; Jordan and Peter Andre having their own TV show; innocent's decision to get rid of the Blackberry & Blueberry smoothie. Schoolboy error, I fear.’

We even received a picture of a small baby dressed as a chicken (we think), looking really grumpy at the prospect of the disappearance of the old recipe. This sight upset us more than words can say.

But we'll get over it. As we hope you will too. Obviously, if you're feeling like giving us some grief, that's what the comments are for, but for now, please trust us when we say that the new recipe is a belter and there will be no need for you to dress your infants as chickens to press your point home.