photos that win prizes

Exciting news. It's time to announce the Big Knit photo (flickr group) competition winners for 2007. We've had some pretty fine entries and choosing the best has been extremely tough. Especially with a whole year's supply of smoothies at stake for the winners. There were different categories - here you go...

1. Most creative use of hat


Think trees, think hats, think Margaret's hatted tree. We think this is great. Like Christmas tree lights (but on a different kind of tree and without the light part).

2. Best hat ensemble


Because it's amazingly cool. And we appreciate the effort and icy fingers that must have gone into it (well done Keira V).

3. Favourite overall hat picture


Awarded to Sandra - for magically creating some little blue hats which look just like the one on our lemon, honey and ginger smoothie label. They look fantastic and we're pretty keen on the camera angle too (love that eerie bird). We hope that the grass was smelling nice on that day.

Congratulations and thanks for everyone who entered their own pictures - they made us smile. We'll be in touch with the winners shortly - so you can let us know where you want us to send your smoothies.