Thoughts from December 2007

grand hat judging winners

As we've said before, the creativity of Big Knit hats sent in this year has been astonishing. Last week we gave you the chance to vote for your favourite hats and we're now excited to be announcing the winners.


Edith W won the Best Little Hat(s) category with her fantastic monsters.


The hedgehog ran away with the Most Creative Hat prize - gaining a whopping 42.66% of the vote. Congratulations to Mrs Cobb for sending in this brilliant design.


This lovely little snowman, knitted by Mrs Rackham and the Titter Tatters was the Favourite Seasonal Hat. We think it was the posh broom that swung it.


And (drum roll please). The Hat of the Year - Your favourite of favourite hats from all the Hats of the Weeks was the Green Dragon. So a massive well done to Kate E for taking this grand prize.

We'll be contacting all the winners soon and sending you a special Big Knit trophy and a nice box of smoothies.

the origami of fruit


We hid a little pdf at the bottom of the FAQ bit of our French website. It detailed the art of making a strawberry, using only the power of origami, and challenged someone to have a go at making it.

Cue Océane and Valerie, who not only made a couple of the little fellows, but went out and bought some huge pieces of paper to create a giant strawberry.

Merci beaucoup Océane et Valerie pour les fraises du papier, and apologies for our appalling French.

And one more thing – Océane and Valerie challenge you to make a bigger one. Something to do over the Christmas holidays...

the power of twelve


It only seems like yesterday that we introduced you to our first ever smoothie of the month, and now we are saying hello to last smoothie of the year. Time flies quicker than Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards with a good tailwind doesn't it?

It's been an incredible and colourful journey through fruit. Looking back on them all now is almost like those bits at the end of Neighbours when they'd do a montage if someone left. We won't bring out the violins this time but here they are in all of their glory.


If you'd like a little taste of December (which tastes strangely like Christmas for some reason) look out for our festive fruits and spices smoothie of the month, in the shops for a limited time only.

It's been emotional, as they say in Hollywood.

power dressing thursday


Last Thursday the Movember boys got together to organise a Power Dressing day to raise money for prostate cancer research (the reason they've been growing those taches). A few people joined in on the day ,including Tim in a Del Boy coat. He works in sales so we let him off.

Tim: bottom left, standing, dodgy coat, you can't miss him.

Word even spread as far as our German office in Hamburg, where productivity increased tenfold, and a little bit more.

"Can anyone else get reception in here?"

The boys managed to raise £230 by the end of it all. Good stuff.