Thoughts from December 2007

back by popular demand


The problem with making great tasting smoothies is when we stop making great tasting smoothies. Take our lemon, honey & ginger recipe for example. It's an old seasonal favorite of ours that is great for the colder times of the year.

You might remember lemon, honey & ginger was our November smoothie of the month along with last year's seasonal smoothie for winter and sure enough both times when their days came to an end we started to hear from you about how much you missed it. So here it is again, as our winter seasonal smoothie in a big carton this time. It will be around until next spring so go get your fix.


While we're talking of lemon, honey & ginger take a look at San's great shots of last months smoothie of the month wearing the exact same hat Kat scribbled on our bottle and is now being sported by a snowman who can't see where he's going. We just found them in our Big Knit flickr group. Thanks San, they made us smile.

blog eat blog


Last week Adam, one of the founders and chief greenskeeper for method products, came over to Fruit Towers to meet our Sustainability Jess. After going home method blogged about their visit so we thought we'd blog them back. Hello method.

We think method are great - they make non-toxic cleaning products made with natural ingredients. Jess and Adam had lots to talk about - method use 100% recycled plastic for their products, just like our bottles, and do great work on carbon reduction, ethical sourcing of the ingredients for their products, and trying to have a positive impact on the world.

We swapped lots of great ideas, and promised to keep in touch in the future, after all four hands are better than two.

making adverts

We are in the middle of making an advert, which means quite a bit of waiting around in draughty places like this.


There's quite a lot of drinking tea as well.

When making adverts, there's often someone shouting "Cut" and "Action", but this time things were more relaxed and there was none of that shouting business.

We can't tell you much about it at the moment, but it will feature fruit and a man with a really big head, and there will be some very simple animation (as usual). It'll be on telly in the New Year.

guess something, win one tree

We popped over to the opening of the new howies shop on Carnaby street last week to be warmly greeted by Ade with champagne and smoothies.

It's their first ever shop so they celebrated in style (note the matching t-shirt and champagne labels) albeit a couple of months after they first opened.


I left with 2 of the 500 trees they gave out to mark the occasion and to help bring a bit of the countryside to us city folk.


One of them is now happy in my back garden but the other is looking for a good home to 'grow slow and grow strong'. If you fancy winning a special edition Silver Birch, a nice little 'Cardigan Bay to Carnaby Street' booklet, any guys or girls T-Shirt you like from the current howies collection and few smoothies, just answer the below question as a comment to this post:

How many trees will our treeometer be showing at the close of Buy One Get One Tree at midnight on Monday 10th December?

Leave your guess by midnight on Friday 7th December - all comments left after this will be invalid as it will be too close to be a fair guess. One guess each. No cheating.

Good luck.