with a little help from your friends


Help. We all need it. The Beatles knew it and I’m sure you know it too. You probably also know all about The Big Knit by now, but in case you don’t, we’ve got a fancy website to get you up to speed.

Here at Fruit Towers, we think that helping is pretty important in The Big Knit. We’re asking lots of knitters to help us knit little hats for our smoothie bottles, and we’re making
little packs to help friends get together for knitting parties.

Knitting Bee Deborah is one of the knitters who has planned to help us reach our target this year and she’s asked her friends to help her. Deborah has set up a pledge to encourage others to help her knit some hats this year. She’s agreed to get her needles out and make at least 5 dinky hats this year, but only if 35 others also agree to knit at least 1 hat each.

So if you’re thinking of knitting some little hats for us this year, and need a little help from your friends, create your own pledge, make a Scout’s honour to keep to it, and post the details in the comments section below.