Thoughts from August 2007

how to split a log with Ade from howies

Back in June we went to a very interesting conference called 'interesting 2007' that we told you about here. Our friend Ade from howies gave a great 3-minute talk on how to split a log properly. Living in the city you can sometimes lose touch with such skills so it's nice to get a reminder every now and again. Over to Ade (after a short introduction by Johnnie)...

If you liked that there are more interesting things here. We also liked this one about doing things you're good at.

the heat is on


Mark Frith (Chief Editor at heat magazine) must have been to a good selection posh parties and rubbed shoulders with a few stars this summer so we were pleasantly surprised when we saw he named our village fete as his favourite highlight of the summer so far.

After the pinnacles of this and our mention in Grazia magazine our Claire (who looks after all things press like) is having a bit off time off now. She's gone to have a little baby actually, but she can have it knowing that she helped us to get into two of the Nation's grandest magazines.

getting ugly

one of the winners

Our friends at Method brought some ugliness to our big fete. Specifically, they created a “gurning against dirty” booth, which linked their friendly cleaning stuff to people pulling ugly faces (in a good way). You can see one of the winners above.

Check out more gurners at their gurning flickr group and if you're new to gurning, read more about it on Wikipedia.



You may have noticed that now and again we like to make sure our drinkers are on their toes and paying attention by slipping in the odd unlikely ingredient to the list.

Shiny trumpets, two-man tents and rubber ducks have all been known to have made an appearance at some point.

But we were still shocked to receive a concerned email from Rhian about a new entrant:

While drinking my delicious innocent breakfast thickie this morning, I was most alarmed to read that the ingredients included 'a sprinkling of ground up cats'.

Thankfully I am not a vegetarian, but do not usually eat any cat until after lunch as it plays havoc with my digestive system. I would be most grateful if you revise your recipe as I'd hate to give them up. Surely there is something else you can use to give it similar bite?

We are happy to inform Rhian that this particular label appears to have been the victim a printing slip-up, and not an attempt on our part at introducing exciting new ingredients into the world of quality fruit drinks. It should of course read 'a sprinkling of ground up oats'. Of course.

And we'd like to take this opportunity to say that our drinks have been cat-free since we launched. We plan on maintaining this stance for the foreseeable future.