Wilkommen in Deutschland

It's official - innocent is launching in Germany today . Our drinks are going to be available in cities all over Germany.

Here are our bottles, with their new German labels:


But not only do we have new drinks. We also have new vans, pictured below with a few of our German folks (more on them soon).


So, that's drinks and a couple of grassy vans. But we thought we'd also get ourselves a place to work too. And a couple of months ago we found the perfect spot for Fruit Towers Germany – the Fruchthof in Hamburg, which spookily enough is the old fruit wholesale area near the harbour, next to the Deichtorhallen. It needed a bit of work...


But it's better now.


(We've hidden a few smoothie bottles in the picture. Send an email to to tell us how many there are and if you find them all we'll send you a little Easter gift.)

***UPDATE - the great bottle hunt is over - answers here.***

The new place also has some very attractive nighttime views.


Now the only thing we are waiting for are some people to drink our smoothies. So if you happen to buy one of our drinks over Easter in Germany, send us a picture of yourself with the bottle and we'll make you famous (or at least post the picture on this blog).

Tschüss und bis bald


(more German stuff here)