Thoughts from April 2007

a message from India


At the end of last week we waved goodbye to Helen who has gone to Chenglepet in India to visit and help out at a project that the innocent foundation helps to fund through WOMANKIND Worldwide. We've just had our first couple of very quick updates from Helen out in India that we thought we'd share with you...

Day 1.
Had my first day at ITWWS and really loving it. Krishnan (director) and everyone are lovely and the campus is in a beautiful location. Only downside is that it's hot hot hot.

Day 4.
Hey, just checking in. Day 4 and all going well, been helping ITWWS by reviewing their website. Starting to feel a bit at home. Out tomorrow with ecology team to plant trees and find out more about what they do. Then off to the beach for the weekend.

Helen will be putting together a full report on her trip and stories of the Irula Tribal Women she's working with when she gets back in a couple of weeks. We'll keep you posted.

our brand new kitchen


You may remember that we have been without a kitchen for a while, which led to the now famous magic van and a nice delivery from Yorkshire Tea.

Well today our kitchen is back, and it's bigger and better than ever. Here are some of the highlights...


Some shiny new toasters (and Mark's hand in the background pinching a couple of grapes)


Big tubs of that posh Dorset Cereal to help yourself to.


A new coffee machine that makes good coffee, can take a beating and is easy to use (all essential criteria for us, seeing as we seem to regularly break coffee machines).


A couple of new teapots (essential for important meetings).


And a new old clock.

There are some new spoons too, but we thought we'd save them for later.

alright duck


We spotted some parakeets in our local park a while ago. Today we had gaggle of ducks who came to visit us and sit in the shade outside Fruit Towers. There's no end to our eye for a twitch these days.

Do you call a group of ducks a gaggle actually?

super jam


Today we met Fraser. He's not even 20 yet, but he's launched a product - Super Jam - that's available in most branches of Waitrose nationwide and in other fine stores closer to his home in Scotland. The deal is that his Super Jam is sugar free, which is unusual for a jam. He's been making jam for ages, but decided a while ago that he'd get serious about it, rather than continuing to make a mess of his parents' kitchen.

It's inspirational and frightening meeting people like Fraser.

Inspirational because it gives us a kick up the backside and helps us remember why we started innocent in the first place - because we wanted to make stuff that made life a little bit better and a little bit easier.

Frightening because we're old enough to be his dad (just).


the great bottle hunt is over

Our friends in Germany have closed the competition to find all of the hidden bottles in the picture shown below.


For the record, the bottles were hidden in the following places:

* in the fruit bowl
* on the sofa
* in the plant pot
* on the bike's chainguard
* and there are a couple on Insa's desk in the background

Six bottles in total. Estelle (in the red jumper) tells me that they've been swamped with entries, so no more, please.