Thoughts from April 2007

the phone box


There is an old red phone box outside our office. Nobody knows why it's there. Someone must know what's going to happen to it, but they are keeping it a secret for now. We'll let you know what develops.

random acts of kindness part 2

A while ago I wrote something about 'random acts of kindness' on this blog after one of our drinkers told us a very nice story about coming across a 'Joinee' one lunch time.

Another one of our drinkers (Darragh) read this story and was inspired to buy the book of the same name. Readers of the book are invited to give it away as an additional random acts of kindness when they have finished with it. Well Darragh just posted his well read copy onto me. He did very well to make sure it arrived on a Friday (the suggested act of kindness day of choice).


Thank you Darragh. I'll be sure to pass the book on again when I'm done with it.

our eighth birthday party

Had a little trouble spelling eighth there. Quite a weird word when you look at it for too long.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our eighth birthday party. We had a good time.

Could you pass the crisps please?

Rich, Paul and Mark strike a catalogue pose

Mmm, cake

"You will not take my sandwich"

Martin the magician and his magic hands

Transfixed people check the magic

Beano plays Pass The Parcel


we are 8


Well, we're not eight yet, but nearly there. On Saturday 28th April we will have been selling drinks for eight years. We had a little party yesterday (pics to be posted soon) and ate jelly.

We also made a few limited edition t-shirts. If you'd like to win one, plus a couple of commemorative badges and a candy necklace (ooh), please tell us the best fact you know about the number eight. The provider of our favourite fact gets the stuff.