Thoughts from September 2006

stop trottoir

Here are our first ever 'Stop Trottoirs' - signs that we put on the pavements of Paris, imploring people to come into shops and buy smoothies.


The above 'Stop Trottoir' is outside Fruit Towers Paris, and in the background you can see Maria, caretaker of the buildings in which we are housed. She is tough but fair, and only ever uses the umbrella in self defence.

Below is a 'Stop Trottoir' in its natural habitat - outside a Monoprix store in the suburbs.


please keep off the grass

Please say hello to our innocent team in Amsterdam. I think this is their first proper appearance in the blog, so it's only right that we should find them in Dam Square, messing about on our grassy vans in front of the Queen's house.


Note Ynzo on the right, who obviously chickened out of doing the crazy Dutch car surfing thing at the last minute. Shame.