Thoughts from September 2006

are you sustainable?


Since we started doing business, we've always tried to make sure that we don't mess up the planet while we're making our drinks. So whenever we make a business decision, we have to consider not only whether it's commercially the right thing to do, but also that it will be a sustainable decision.

By 'sustainable' we mean that we acknowledge that the Earth is a finite resource, and various bits of it are being used up pretty quickly. Too quickly.

And we know that there are loads of things we can do as a company and as individuals to make things a tiny bit better. This means understanding and taking responsibility for every social and environmental impact our small business has on the world around us, and moving each impact from being a negative impact to a neutral or, better still, a positive impact.

We've reached the stage where we need someone to come and work full-time as our Sustainability Manager; someone whose sole job it is to keep us on this well-behaved path. We've been pretty good at making sure that we do the right thing, but we need someone to concentrate on it all day every day.

So, here's the question. Could it be you? Or your best friend? Or your mum?

If you're interested, there's more here. We're deadly serious about finding someone special for this position, so if you know anyone who would fit the bill, please let them know about it. And if you help us find the right person, there's a whole load of drinks in it for you.

picture from Apollo 17 mission, courtesy of NASA

B&B in the USA


Tesco are going to open stores in the USA. To work out what people want from them they did some market research. It was intensive market research. 50 top bods from Tesco went and lived with American families for two weeks and watched how the people ate, drank, shopped and all of that stuff.

Depending on your point of view, this is either very smart thinking or slightly creepy. Would you like it if we came and lived at your place for a couple of weeks?

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iron ore


Five minutes walk from Fruit Towers, just past Buchanan's (our nearest sandwich shop), is an ironing shop. It's got nice bunting outside (we like bunting) and a big sign in the window saying ironing. I went to investigate today and found it did just what it says on the tin, or window. There was a nice lady inside with an iron, an ironing board and lots of piles of ironing. It smelt of that nice warm fresh washing smell, like when you were home sick from school and your mum was doing the ironing.

The lady told me it was £1.25 a shirt. You bring it, she irons it, you pick it up and pay for it. Simple as that. She’s definitely keeping her main thing her main thing. No wi-fi or free broadband while you wait. Just ironing.

I’m going to take in the shirts I never wear because I could never be bothered to iron them later this week. I’ll let you know how they come out.

the future of our country

We were sent these GCSE English revision guides a little while ago. There's a whole chunk about us in there, in a section that talks about 'Purpose, Audience, Form and Language'.


Quite scary to think that people are learning things from the garbled use of language on our labels and what have you, but naturally it's very flattering too.

If you'd like to have a go at answering one of the questions, here you are:

"Choose something you feel strongly about. Write informatively about it and explain why you feel as you do."

Feel free to post answers under 100 words as comments. We'd love you to share your strong feelings.


what should we write about?

Our blog is pretty new, so we're trying to make it better all the time. A bit like the drinks really.

Anyway, we've received some good comments from some of you saying how we could make it better. So we thought it would be a good idea to ask you exactly what you want us to blog about. Someone called Frankie posted a good list the other day:

* an honest discussion of how you source fruit (organic vs non organic, local vs tropical, fair trade vs cheap.
* guest posts from your growers
* life in the innocent factories
* selling out - P&Js sold to Pepsico, Body Shop to Loreal, Green and Blacks to Cadbury's - would Innocent do the same, and what are the moral issues?
* behind the scenes at Fruitstock - just how do you manage to pull off such a big event?
* fruits vs vegetables - which are better, and how do they combine in smoothies?

Do any of these tickle your fancy? Is there anything else you want us to talk about?

Post your thoughts as comments, we'll see what seem to be the most popular topics and then start writing about them. Thanks.