Thoughts from September 2006

eco wallet

We'd just like to say thanks to James and Will. They made some wallets out of our cartons. A very smart bit of recycling.

Lieke (our new Dutch intern) and Rebecca (our new French intern) model the wallets

A rubbish picture showing the wallet's innovative concertina-like construction


It felt like the last day of summer today, so we went outside and did some limbo.


Alasdair was really good.


But Emma was the best.

ade in town

The ladies of Fruit Towers got excited last week when Ade from howies nipped in for a visit. As you might have read on these pages before, Ade has a small but dedicated fanclub here at Fruit Towers.


Ade posed for a couple of shots before travelling back to Wales and encountering some robot food on the way home.

severe lack of toaster


Here's Shrimp with his breakfast.

We needed some photos of a massive plateful of bacon and eggs for a thing we're making, so we went down to our local cafe, which is called Cafe Rest. Shrimp ordered the Big Bobby's Truckstop Breakfast* and munched his way through it. What a trooper.

We wanted a picture of some toast as well, but the lady in the cafe said that they didn't have a toaster. Instead she made Shrimp a plate of fried bread. He decided not to eat it but did take a picture of it.

Weird that a breakfast place doesn't have a toaster.


* don't think it's actually called that, but it could be.

our comments

Nice post here from Simon on what he thinks we could/should do next.

Also in his post is a comment about our comments - specifically, the fact that we might be being a little 'pious' in moderating all comments before posting them onto our blog.

In our minds, we're not being pious. Just careful. We make kids' smoothies these days and get lots of children visiting our site. If we don't moderate, something obscene/rude/nasty could be posted and that's something we don't want to happen.

The good thing is that we haven't had anything rude posted so far, and so we've never censored anything. We've posted every comment we've ever received, be it positive or critical, without changing it one little bit. And we'll never change your comments, unless a comment contains something that would be offensive to the eyes and mind of a young person.

We've only just started blogging. We want to be a little bit careful for now. And if it turns out that in a few weeks things are staying clean, we'll stop moderating.

Sound OK to you? Let us know either way.