Thoughts from September 2006

autumn's here

Our seasonal smoothie for autumn has arrived. The recipe is blackcurrants and gooseberries - it's the only smoothie or juice in the world to feature the latter, as far as we know (if you can prove us wrong, we'd love to know who else is squashing gooseberries). Forgive the unglamorous photo - it was snapped quickly before getting out of Fruit Towers for the weekend.


Some of the labels have a special poem on them.



the real supergran


We got an email from a lady called Di last week. As Di says:

"Hi. I read with interest (via that you are holding a knitting competition for the public to make Supergran hats for your product. I just thought it may interest you that I actually knitted Supergran's cardigan. I was a knitwear designer back in the 1980s and was commisioned by my local TV station Tyne Tees TV. It was the most difficult item I have ever made as they asked for it to look awful and tasteless. At the time I was knitting and exporting expensive designer knitwear around the world and this was just not my thing. I got the grand total of £16 for it."

We are honoured to have been contacted by someone who was involved in the original Supergran. For the younger readers amongst you, Supergran was an 80s TV show featuring a gran with superpowers (you may have guessed that from the title). Whenever she was about to do something really super, she'd do the devil horn thing with her hands, like a heavy metal drummer. Oh yes.

Anyway, if you want to see what Di is up to these days, she has a blog featuring some more tasteful stuff right here. Don't think she knits dodgy cardigans anymore.

scandinavia - week 1


So far so good in Scandinavia (actually, when we say Scandinavia, we really mean Denmark and southern Sweden). Anyway, week one went well, as evidenced by the photo of our drinks on sale in Copenhagen airport.

Now, onwards into week two.

think about the future


Sorry about the radio silence. We've just been spending a bit of time thinking about next year. There are lots of smart new ideas and drinks in the pipeline - I'd love to tell you what they are but I fear that I'd be struck down if I gave away our secrets. Anyway, it's nice to have surprises.

One thing I was wondering was what you'd like us to do in 2007. Any recipes you want us to have a go at, or different ingredients we should be using? Any new types of drinks you want us to make? Or any other stuff we should be thinking about?

If you've got a spare moment, don't hesitate to post a comment or two.