Thoughts from September 2006

reduce your carbon load


Found a nice website that has lots of tips for reducing your carbon emissions. It's called CRed and the fact on the front page of the site makes you think a bit:

Each year, about nine tonnes of CO2 is released for every person in the UK - enough to fill five hot air balloons. We need to cut our emissions by 60% to avoid the worst effects of climate change, so each of us needs to lose the equivalent of three hot air balloons every year.

found at letsseewhathappens in a post by helen

be peaceful


Thursday 21st September is the UN International Day of Peace.

Peace One Day are the people behind this day, and as they say "the vision of the Day extends far beyond the cessation of violent conflict and represents an opportunity for individuals to join in a moment of global unity."

So please, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, be peaceful on 21st September. No arguments, no fighting, no road rage, no raised voices and definitely no war mongering. Get involved at Peace One Day.

our blog, your ideas

As you know, we are quite new to all of this blogging malarkey. A couple of weeks ago we asked you what you'd like us to blog about, and we were pretty overwhelmed with the number of suggestions you made. We went through the comments that were posted and have come up with this list, as written by you:

  • rejected ideas for recipes
  • how fruits are changed into smoothies
  • life in the innocent factories
  • the fun stuff
  • guest posts from growers
  • fruit vs vegetables - which are better, and how do they combine in smoothies?
  • the explosive growth of your business and the problems that this has caused (if any ?)
  • what lunatic things the rest of the innocent family get up to
  • bits and bobs about fairtrade and promoting it
  • how are you getting so much recycled plastic in your bottles, because no one else appears to be doing it?
  • recipes involving smoothies perhaps?
  • an honest discussion of how you source fruit (organic vs non organic, local vs tropical, fair trade vs cheap)
  • the names of all those who are involved in the process of planting to delivering an innocent product
  • food air miles - what about all those carbon-filled jet engines?
  • selling out - P&Js sold to Pepsico, Body Shop to Loreal, Green and Blacks to Cadbury's - would Innocent do the same, and what are the moral issues?
  • can you have a column for student assignments?
So, the list is now stuck up with blu-tak above my desk (see below) and a-blogging we will go. Let us know if we're hitting the spot (or not).


we're in danish


In case you want to read about us in Danish - here's a blog post about us in that very language. Our Danish experts tell us that it's all good and that we don't get called any rude Danish names. Phew.