Thoughts from September 2006

the perfect role model


Our Richard is the business role model of choice. It must be true - it says so in The Guardian.

They obviously haven't seen him doing the lambada after a couple of diet caipirinhas.

an inconvenient truth


No doubt lots of you will have already seen An Inconvenient Truth at the pictures. If you haven't, you should. It's money well spent. Although Talladega Nights is funny, it probably won't save the Earth. But a concerted effort like the one Al Gore proposes in An Inconvenient Truth might do.

So our recommendation this week is as follows - avoid Aniston, Sandler and even Will Ferrell. Go to see An Inconvenient Truth instead.

PS the site is great too and we especially like the 10 point plan. Stick it up where it will be read - your office restrooms (that's what Mr Gore would call them) seem like a good place.

oh manchester, so much to answer for

Viktor (we think it's spelled with a 'k') is one of our favourite people. He's the Zen master of Polish deli owners. He's an expert baker. A fifteen minute conversation with Viktor leaves one feeling enlightened, slightly confused yet ultimately at peace with the world. He's a surreal gentleman with quality dough-based products on his mind.

Viktor's shop is called Barbakan and it's in Chorlton-cum-Hardy in Manchester. We've been selling our drinks there for about seven years (it was one of the first places outside London to sell them). And we're very pleased to offer Viktor and friends our congratulations for being named the UK's Best Continental Deli.

Read more about Barbakan's triumphs here, and if you're in Manchester on 6th-7th October, we'll be at the Food and Drink Festival in Albert Square.