Thoughts from October 2006

walk, don't run

happy wanderers

So, last week we took the innocent walking bus into London. Admittedly a few of us were sheepish. Would we look a bit daft chugging through Hammersmith inside such a contraption? Would people think we were uncool? The answer is probably yes and yes, but then we weren't really doing it to look cool.

You see, whenever we go somewhere as a company, we're tempted to hire big coaches to take us off to our destination. But as we were off for a group visit to the pictures in the middle of London (we watched An Inconvenient Truth - go see) we figured we should walk and take the Tube. Saves on nasty fumes you see, and every little helps when you're trying to be carbon neutral. Next up - we attempt to build our own flying machine, also operating on human energy. We'll get back to you when we've figured it out.

life in the bus lane

kinky bus