Thoughts from October 2006

life in copenhagen

Just got back from a nice visit to our new Scandinavian hub (hub is a good word), so here's the news from Copenhagen.

First of all, Viking Towers is amazing. Great building, five minutes from the station, brilliant team of people and a whole room dedicated to Abba (it's our base for the whole Nordic region - not just Denmark - so they have allowed a bit of Sweden to creep into the place).


the Abba Room


when I'm not being a pop star I like to make soup

While I was there we interviewed four people to be the creative/comms sort of person for innocent in Scandinavia and it went pretty well. It's a weird one - you have to find someone who you can trust to be the 'voice' after you've gone home (and in a new language/culture that we in London don't have much of an idea about), so it's as much about your gut feeling as anything else.


mmm frikadeller

It's a very communal office. They've got a nice eat-in kitchen, and a lot of grub in the fridge. Pictured above (from top left, going clockwise) are Matt (used to run innocent in Ireland and is now the chief in Denmark - think Arthur Daley meets Johnny Cash), Daniel (our logistics champ), Laura (running the office and pretty much everything else) and Jess (over from London to set up marketing stuff). Niina and Christina weren't there for lunch, which is a shame (they were out doing their sales thing).


Christina, hard at work

The whole place has got that small start-up spirit in buckets. On the day that I was there, lots of point of sale bumf was moved from the office and into Laura's mum's cellar about 25 minutes away for the next month or two, while they figure out what to do with it. We couldn't do that in London these days (none of our mums have cellars).

Summary - I love going to our new offices. They make you feel like anything's possible. Which, of course, it is.


the kids from plugg

Please say hello to PLUGG. PLUGG are a student design team from University College for the Creative Arts who asked us to set them a brief as part of their coursework. So we did.

They're a great bunch - it's early days but they already have nice ideas for packaging, video and some instore stuff. We'll share their work (if they're up for it) when they're done.

clockwise from left - Andrew Denny Carol Ben Jon Mush

coming from america

A selfish post perhaps, but we just wanted to honour the return of Will Hartley. Will worked at innocent for about three years and in that time did an amazing amount of work to help us get a bit bigger. The secret to Will's superpowers was that he previously worked for Odwalla, the Californian smoothie powerhouse. What Mr Hartley doesn't know about healthy fruit-based beverages isn't worth talking about.

Will Hartley - men can't help but gather around him...

He's back in the UK from San Francisco with his wife Mary for a brief visit. Just long enough to nip in, say hello and humble us with an awesome display of Ginger Power, aided by Sarah and Shrimp.

...and his ginger brothers and sisters love him too

win win win (some pants)


As we said the other day, we have some special pairs of innocent pants that we'd like to give away. Faith came up with the best question for the competition that follows...

All you have to do is post your answers as comments. The best two answers will win the pants (the third pair go to Faith for coming up with the question).

Question: When were knickers first invented/used?

Best two answers posted by next Monday win the knickers. Good luck.