Thoughts from October 2006



Matt's trousers - wise move or not? Is the half tartan thing cutting it? You decide.

you won the pants

Not everyone can win the innocent pants. In fact, there were only two pairs up for grabs after Faith won the third pair by coming up with the question "When were knickers first invented/used?"

The winning answers are:

Freya's sensible answer - "In 1881, when knickerbockers first became known by the shortened name of 'knickers' in America. Knickerbockers were invented by Washington Irving in 1809 for use in his character Diedrich Knickerbocker in the novel "A History of New York". In terms of ladies knickers, the term began to be used around the turn of the 20th century, although it was still used for the mens short trousers."

Susie's I-was-there answer - "In the 1960s, when miniskirts led to frequent loss of dignity. Oh the days our our youth..."

Well done Susie and Freya. Pants on their way to you.

uneasy rider


When Adam started innocent back in 1999 with his friends Richard and Jon, never in his wildest dreams did he dare imagine that one day he would be able to arrive at important meetings in Copenhagen in the box bit of the bikebox™, piloted by a girl called Niina.

Just call him Bikebox Balon*.

* that's his surname

walk the walk


A smart link sent to us by Liz. encourages people to walk more. Walking is good, so we like

It'll give you a map for your route, tell you how long it should take and even how many calories you'll burn. You should check it out.

hilda's hats

This is Hilda Hill, she is 91 years old and is Emma's grandma. Emma wrote to us wondering if her grandma was our oldest supergran knitter. Well so far it looks like she is, so the award for oldest knitter goes to Hilda (unless anyone knows anyone older?). Congratulations Hilda.


Hilda on her 90th birthday

And here are some of Hilda's hats. She's knitted 66 so far (35 pictured neatly below).