Thoughts from October 2006

london's burning

We had a brief fire scare at Fruit Towers this morning. Nothing to worry about - it was a false alarm - all smoothies (and people) are safe and sound. We got a cheesy snap of the firemen with our drinks afterwards, and after looking at it I reckon it's probably worth a caption competition.


So, what the devil are those firemen saying to each other/us? Or can you think of a very, very amusing title for the whole ensemble? Post your caption in the comments by the end of Friday (20/10/06) and the best one gets a case of drinks.

25/10/06 UPDATE - this competition is now closed. Check out the side splitting winners here.

real strawberries for real kids

Lots of new stuff this week. First up - a new recipe for kids. It goes by the name of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, and was developed as a result of kids telling us they loved strawberries.

One of the challenges of making it was that kids eat/drink so many synthetically strawberry flavoured things that their perception of what 'strawberry' tastes like can be difficult to meet with real fruit.

So we worked long and hard to find the right combinations of fruits and have found one that tastes better to kids than any other strawberry drink on the market. And mums are happy because their kids are drinking real, pure fruit, rather than synthetically strawberryized stuff.

Thank goodness for that.