Thoughts from October 2006

super buddha

I came across this Buddha statue on the backstreets of Asakusa, Tokyo while I was there earlier this year. You will notice that this particular Buddha has been dressed in his very own knitted red hat and bib, as have his little friends at his feet. It was pretty cold in Tokyo in February but I was wondering if anyone knows what this Supergran-esque appearance was all about?


Energy Saving Week


It’s Energy Saving Week. There seems to be a week for pretty much everything these days, but we think this one is pretty important. The Energy Saving Trust is leading the way, trying to get us all to take responsibility for the carbon emissions we create and do our bit in reducing them by 20%, in line with the UK’s targets for 2010.

This is what they have to say:

"We all have a favourite place in the UK. A spot where the beauty, the atmosphere, the climate is just right. But our world is changing because we aren’t always as careful as we could be with the way we use energy. To preserve the places that matter to us, it’s time to think about the way each of us uses energy, and to make positive changes that will have a real impact.

If we all commit to save 20% of the energy we use everyday, together we can help prevent climate change. To make your commitment, create a postcard and tell everyone which place you want to save your 20% for."

You can commit here. There’s a handy calculator and easy ideas on how to do this, as well as some more advanced suggestions.

Carbon emissions are a big concern of ours and we’re happy to announce that we’re only a week or two away from completing a total carbon audit of the smoothie making process – from growing the strawberries in Poland and bananas in Costa Rica to the finished drink in the fridge at your local Co-Op.

We think we’re the first people to do this for such a complicated food/drink making process, but that doesn’t mean we’re getting all smug. We still need to find ways of reducing the real carbon junkie bits of our business. We don’t airfreight any of our fruit, but it still needs to get here somehow, which means that we'll never get to zero emissions, so we have to think smartly about offsetting what we can’t get rid of. More on that soon…

Anyway, we think everyone should be doing their bit and we like the idea of saving a place we love (ours is a secret), so make sure you commit.

picture courtesy of the Climate Change Institute

name the baby


We have some very good news today. Our Peter and his wife Caroline are going to have a baby. Only they're a bit stuck for a name. Pete says "We think it was a Fruitstock baby, if you know what I mean. Anyway, we're looking for names that have either an Irish, Italian or natural link. Can our drinkers help?"

Any ideas? All help gratefully received. (Please note - they don't know if it'll be a boy or a girl just yet.)

a very special award


Last week we won Best New Product of the Year at the Marketing Week Effectiveness Awards. The prize was to recognise our new range of kids smoothies, so we were pretty chuffed.


Here's Jo (in white) collecting the award. Jo's in charge of our kids' drinks, so this was her big night. Doesn't she look smashing? (Well, she would do if we could focus the camera.)

101 not out


Please say hello to Anne Richards. Anne lives near Lincoln and we think that she's our oldest knitter (she's 101 years old).

Anne went out and had her hair done especially for the photo. And she's knitted some fine hats for Supergran. Thanks Anne.