Thoughts from October 2006

the power of pink

For one day only Fruit Towers became Pink Towers to support the Breast Cancer Campaign "Wear it Pink".


We stocked our chiller with only our pinkest recipes, played Pink's album back to back and got a little mention on Capital Radio. We even had our Amsterdam office turn pink too, Daphne wore her pink ski suit (bottom left below).


Jacob won our Prettiest in pink prize for his Gary Glitter style ensemble and bagged himself a pink pair of trainers.


put the kettle on


A nice man called Giles (strong no sugar) from Tetley got in touch with us to see if we were interested in meeting up to talk about tasting tea. You see, we taste a lot of fruit and they taste a lot of tea - we thought we'd see if there was anything we could learn from each other.

So we went over there for a visit.


The method of tea tasting hasn't really changed over the years. What you do is make a strong cup of tea (double normal strength) with a dash of milk.


You then taste with a big slurp and then spit the tea into a spittoon. The people at Tetley are very accurate with their spitting technique.


Apprentice tasters spend a lot of time in the sourcing regions (3 months to a year), helping them to learn all about the tea. The chief taster said that when he tastes a tea he can picture the garden it came from.


We heard about the ethical tea partnership that Tetley are involved in and we learned a couple of new things. Call us dumb, but we didn't know that Earl Grey isn't a special variety; it's actually black tea with bergamot oil. Most importantly, we all agreed on our favourite tea - Oolong, which is delicate, fragrant and well balanced. A bit like our ladies of the kitchen.




Helen and friends recently held a knitathon at Wonderwool, Helen's new knitting shop in Rugby. Here they are having a go at knitting some little Supergran hats. Marvellous work.


my crane


Peter made some cranes out of the boxes that our kids' smoothies come in and sent us a picture of his work. Thanks Peter.

caption competition - results

We're a bit late with the results of the caption competition, but here they are. And here is the photo again, just in case you missed it:


First of all, some of the entries that almost made it:

"How're we meant to put the fire out with one of these? We're obviously going to need the big cartons" by Ally

"Apparently a guy called Matt made the hoax call. Something about wanting to take the spotlight off a pair of tartan pants" by Jo.

"Fire service cut backs reduce extinguisher size dramatically" by Sandra

"This is almost as good as last weeks false alarm at the brewery!" By Bredo

But the winner is...

"This week’s special offer: FREE FIREMAN - in fruit colour-coordinated outfit - with every Innocent Smoothie"
by Lucy.

Well done Lucy.