Thoughts from October 2006

special prize

We'd like to say well done to the folks at Moluka Coffee, who were recently awarded a Heartbeat award from Stratford upon Avon district council for their healthy food and drink options. In the email they sent us, they went on to say that "one of the main contributors to winning this award were your smoothies and juicy waters (we don't half sell a lot of 'em)."

Glad we could help.

Ben the manager receives the award from Mr T a local councillor

beside the seaside

This picture of our smoothies in supergran hats was taken by Paul in Porthleven, Cornwall and posted to our supergran flickr group. In his own words he "just perched them all on a table and that was it, apart from sea breeze blowing the hats off the Curlys". I love the quality of light in the shot, it's the sort of light you only get on a crisp autumn day by the sea, you'd spend a good few hours getting the same effect in a studio or with proper lights I expect.


The hats were knitted by Paul's mum (pictured below with hats and her cat marble) who is just recovering from having broken her arm. Get well soon Paul's mum.


And here's a nice big wave crashing on Porthleve beach just incase you don't get to go for a walk after your Sunday lunch today. (I imagine the red flag on the left means that it wasn't safe to swim on that day.)


all about the apples

As we're smack in the middle of the apple harvest, we've been trying loads of different varieties to pick the best for our smoothies. We had some from Germany and some from the UK and we've whittled it down to our favourite 11 - there's still a way to go.


Lucy E (far right below), our chief apple taster, says that each variety has really different characteristics. The Bramley is very acidic (makes your mouth water apparently), the Cox is very sweet with hints of nuts and honey and the Russet is "really, really brown in colour, but gosh, it reminds you of an English country garden". Knows her stuff does Lucy.


Apples3 "how do you like them apples Penny?".