Thoughts from November 2006


We have just discovered a nice little clothing company on the internet. Ilk industries was set up in Edinburgh last year and they seem to be doing things right - lots of sweatshop-free, limited edition prints for all you smart people to wear down at the disco/in the back garden, just like Jonathan and Nicky below.


Now then, Ilk would like you, the innocent blog reader, to help them work out what to put on the next batch of t-shirts. Click here to vote goat (or not).

On another note, and just to prove what a nice bunch they are, Colin from Ilk has sent us in some of his recent fridge poetry. High art indeed.


postcard polaroid


Stuff we like today: Postcard Polaroid

Martin and his friend Theo set it up recently - it's a collection of stuff that they and their friends have been sending each other through the post (mostly polaroids, as the name suggests). Just stick a stamp on it, drop it in the post and see if it gets there.

Send them something. I'm sure they'd be very grateful.

half man half carton


Matthew, an innocent drinker in Aberdeen, wore this costume out on Halloween last week. Not sure how many people he scared, but he sure did look good.


He also sent us in this foolproof method for poaching eggs, without us even asking. A very helpful man...

"Eggs. A nightmare to poach, right? WRONG! Spread some clingfilm over the mouth of a cup, create a little ditch in it, and the break your egg (free-range of course) into said ditch. Squeeze the clingfilm round the egg to create a nice bubble round it, and place in simmering water for about 3 minutes. Remove, unwrap and serve. Nice. Serving suggestion: place a slice of ham on some buttered toast, place the egg on top and pierce to let the yolk run, before finishing with black pepper."