Thoughts from November 2006

kama aina


You may remember that on our last TV advert, there was some very calm and beautiful music. Well, the man who made the music (Tokyo's very own Takuji Aoyagi - that's him going for a swim in the picture) has just released a new album under the name of Kama Aina, which is his solo project. The album is called Club Kama Aina. If we had to choose a word to describe it, we'd choose mellifluous.

Buy it from Amazon, iTunes, eMUSIC or Posteverything

And find out more at Rumraket, Kama Aina's record label, based in Copenhagen.



This is Andrew. He looks a bit cross because he is. Cross.

Andrew emailed us to say that he was ceasing to enter any of our competitions. He was getting fed up with not winning. And that was when he sent us this slightly grumpy looking photo. Maybe the fact that we've posted it will cheer him up a bit.

If you have any words of comfort for Andrew, please post them as a comment.

nice prize

We won two prizes. This time it was at the National Business Awards, where we won Growth Strategy of the Year and Business Innovation of the Year (for our kids drinks). These awards are a pretty big deal, hence the fact that we're chuffed, mainly because it means we did the right things at the right time.

In a break with tradition, there will be no pictures of people arseing about in black tie/posh frocks. Instead, here is the official picture of Richard (on the right) picking up the prize from a man called Steve (left).


amsterdam 1-0 everywhere else

yes, I did try to make the photo turn green and, no, it hasn't worked that well

Ynzo in Amsterdam sends us this news:

From 1st January 2007, all services/authorities/bodies of the city of Amsterdam will run on green electricity that has been produced from the city's own waste. This makes Amsterdam the first city in the Netherlands powered in this manner. All trams and subways will run on this energy, and also all streetlamps will be lit by energy from the same source.

Amsterdam says it wants to make a contribution to reducing global CO2 emission. This initiative equals the emission of about 82,500 cars annually. [if you can read Dutch, there's more here]

Over to you Ken (and Mr Blair and George and the rest).

super sketching

Tansy's cousin Rose has just sent us this lovely illustration of a supergran knitter in action. You may remember we featured Tansy's sister Lettice 'walls of wool' a couple of weeks ago, it seems the whole family has a supergran creative connection. You can see more of Rose's fab illustrations here. Oh and it's her birthday tomorrow.
Happy birthday Tansy's cousin Rose.

Other great news from supergran is that the hatometer has reached its total of 175,000 hats. This is particularly good as we've still got more hats coming in and means we're going to be able to raise even more money for Age Concern. If you still have any hats at home please stick on the bobbles and post them off to us, we're accepting hats up until the end of November. Post your hats to:
little woolly hats, innocent, 3 The Goldhawk Estate, Brackenbury Road, London, W6 0BA