Thoughts from November 2006

grand opening


The population of Fruit Towers has been growing quietly but steadily for a while now. So it was time to get in some more desks and a few extra beanbags. And after months of anticipation, the red ribbon was cut on Monday, opening a whole new wing ('wing' might be pushing it a bit) on the southern end of the building. We even had some yoghurt treats to celebrate. That's how wild things get around here.


To celebrate the opening of the new South Wing, we asked Jenny a few questions. She was the project manager of the whole building thing and is the person who basically keeps the office running like a well-oiled machine.

How long has it taken to do up unit 6 (aka the South Wing)?
We moved in there on 11th August so it has taken just over 3 months to do.

How many new desks does it have?
30 new desks

How many metres of astroturf did it take?
204sq/m to be precise...and lots of daisies

Who supplied the nice yoghurt stuff?
Momafoods. Tom and Amy set up Moma on February 24th of this year.

Any weird and wonderful facts about Ian the builder?
No, he is just brilliant. Although his wife did get really angry with him when he was working late here one day and missed his delicious dinner of lamb shanks.


Lou and Viv used to have nothing but some white bricks to gaze at during low points in the afternoon. Now they have a beautiful view. Lucky things.

mmmm cakes...


Last week we had a rather nice delivery of personalised cakes. Amelia Fletcher from Bournemouth University brought in a mini cake each for everyone at Fruit Towers. They even had nametags on them so no one was left out. Thanks Amelia.

karisma pencils RIP


Our design team is in mourning. We just heard that the legendary and unbeatable king of art class, the Karisma colouring pencil, has been discontinued. Kat has gone for a cry in the toilets. Our little crap drawings will never be the same again.

Look here for a whole blogful of dedicated Karisma lovers and if you know of anyone who's holding, we need to know.



In Holland, Supergran is known as SuperOma. Some of the Dutch grannies are really going for it, with these knitted poodles being the shining example. UK knitters may need to raise their game.

trend setters


It's not all about little hats you know. Fashion's hottest trendsetters, Australian penguins, are currently sporting chunky-knit jumpers to keep them warm after a nasty oil spill meant they had to have their feathers cleaned. The Tasmanian Conservation Trust received 15,000 hand knitted sweaters from volunteers to help keep the little critters warm.