Thoughts from November 2006

we found the pencils

The other day we were sad. Kat was crying. We'd just found out that Karisma colouring pencils are no more. They've been discontinued.

But not to fear, because we found some. On eBay, obviously. They arrived in some cryptic wrapping:


We soon tore off the pie crust to reveal a gleaming box of shrink wrapped Karismas. Kat whooped with joy. Sort of.


it's simple, stupid

The secret of success?

"It sounds unremarkable and even naïve, but it's our obsession with making really great products. It's at the heart of everything we do. I don't understand how you can exist as a company and not have it.

Not us speaking, but we echo the sentiment entirely. The quote was uttered by Jonathan Ive, Apple's senior vice president of industrial design. More in an article here.

the world changing book

The World Changing book has arrived. It's a modern day Whole Earth Catalog, and has sprung from the fine blog/site of the same name. The book looks great, and it somehow feels like it's of the earth - lots of recycled textures, unfussy design and plain speaking. Pretty refreshing.


It'll make a good Christmas present for the practical world-changing person in your life.


a film about our apples

We went up to Suffolk to see Henry recently and made a film about the apples that we get from him. Watch it below, or click here to watch a slightly bigger version:

We should probably point out that Henry isn't our sole supplier of apples. We get them from a few different people. But Henry's mum does the best shepherd's pie, hence the fact that we chose his apples to film.

going east


A nice woman called Sharon Fong dropped by Fruit Towers today, on behalf of our friends at Camp 5 in Kuala Lumpur. She's flying back to Malaysia today, laden with our kids smoothies.

Camp 5 is Asia's largest indoor climbing centre, and the people there like our drinks. So whenever they're over here, they pop in and get some to take back to the east with them. Serene, who runs Camp 5, has promised to send us "...some pix of 'innocent' faces in Camp 5, including hopefully one of a monk having an innocent as well. No promises but we will try."

Looking forward to it.