Thoughts from July 2006

hello/bonjour/hola/guten tag/dzien dobry

We checked round the office the other day to find out what languages people can speak. This is all part of the effort of getting ready for the opening of a new office in Copenhagen and perhaps further afield in the not so distant future. This is what the survey said:

  • 7 different mother tongues spoken at innocent
  • 85% of the company has English as a mother tongue
  • the most languages spoken by one person is 8
  • 18 different languages are spoken fluently
  • there are 28 different languages spoken in total, including the language of love, which only two people claim to be able to speak

It should be noted that when the company started, there were only two languages spoken in the office - English and Polish. You only ever heard the latter when Adam was on the phone to his grandma.

a cow in the garden


I'm working at home today, trying to write some label copy for some very interesting new drinks that will be in the shops soon. I was up bright and early, looking out across the trees, computer at the ready, only to find that my concentration was broken by a cow. It had barged through the hedge and was chewing on the bushes. So we rang the farmer and herded the cow down the lane, back towards her brothers and sisters. It was all very exciting.

battle of the bands

Rubber Jack

Last night was the final of our Fruitstock Talent Search. Every year we choose an unsigned band to come and play at our free festival - we've spent the last couple of months listening to all sorts of stuff, trying to whittle it down to four bands.

The Savage Jazz

After a rock'n'roll evening full of beer, crazy axe licks and some strange percussion (those things that are a bit like cowbells but make more of a woodpeckery sound), we came to decision time. Our four judges (Sarah from Observer Music Monthly, Dominic from The Times Knowledge, a nice man called Sumit [Nitin Sawhney's manager] and our very own Adam Rostom) chose a band called The Savage Jazz.

Scouting For Girls

But the people's choice was Scouting For Girls, mainly because all of the girls at innocent fancied the singer. So we did what any good, decisive business should do and fudged it - both bands will be playing at Fruitstock on the weekend of 5th-6th August.