Thoughts from December 2006

slight copy


Check out these new Brazilian yoghurts. Notice any similarities?

And they've really done their homework. They even ripped off the design of the boxes that our smoothies come in. Ouch.


another of life's winners


More hoodie fun, this time with Tamara, who won said garment in our small competition. Her college friends look chuffed for her; they seem to all have lots of hair, and the boy on the right looks like a young Mark E Smith. In a good way.

That's all for now.

innocented hoodie

This is a picture of Jack. Jack is Irregular Shed's son, who won this hoodie a week or two ago for having a miserable day. This is what he had to say:

"After my tale of woe won me an innocent hoodie, I promised a photo of my son wearing it. He's 10 months old on Wednesday and owes some of his strength, I'm sure, down to the smoothies I smuggled in for my partner whilst she was in hospital with complications (living on hospital food for five weeks when you're seven months pregnant isn't ideal). Anyway, I'm true to my work - here's a photo of Jack wearing dad's hoodie (and squinting from the flash)..."

Well done Irregular Shed, Jack's mum and happy nearly birthday to Jack.

kissing for christmas


We sent out Christmas presents a week or so ago - little boxes of mistletoe. I think we sent about 10,000 sprigs, to people who are in the innocent family and who asked us to send them a present.

We also thought it would be neat to ask people to post their mistletoe-kissing photos to this flickr group. There are three special prizes - a year's supply of smoothies to the three best kissers - best picture, best group kiss and the person who posts the most pictures of them kissing different people.

Well worth entering, and you can use your own mistletoe if you didn't get some from us.

So go and look at strangers kissing. Get your Christmas kicks. And post your photos to the group. Kiss kiss.