Thoughts from December 2006

super lucy


Superberries is a website that we quite like. Partly because they share our love of all things berry, and partly because they interviewed our very own Lucy E. Lucy E is innocent's Cherry Picker, which means that she makes up all the recipes for new smoothies. Pretty exciting stuff.

fog on the blog


Today is pretty foggy. It's probably not just in Shepherd's Bush. We're keeping our fingers crossed for snow at Christmas, but we reckon we're likely to just have more fog.

a new book about us


Here's a new book that has been written about us. It's in a series called Great Brand Stories and tells the story of innocent. Written by a nice chap called John Simmons, it's a rollicking good read, full of mystery, intrigue, cops, robbers and a saucy incident involving a vicar and some smoked haddock.


Actually, that's not strictly true. It's about fruit, some drinks and some people. Our story. Quite interesting if you're into smoothies, entrepreneurial stuff and more smoothies. You can buy it here.


upping the stakes



Celebrating your Birthday at innocent involves a Circle of Death. This is when everyone at Fruit Towers crowds round you to sing Happy Birthday, and then you make a speech. But by far the best bit is the home-made cake. Normally we're used to a bit of Victoria Sponge, maybe a lemon drizzle if we're lucky. Today, however, was different. Simon (who buys all our fruit) made these two beauties for Ailana and Claire. Lucky girls.