Thoughts from December 2006

we're away


In case you hadn't noticed, the innocent blog is quiet at the moment. That's because we're on our Christmas holidays. But never fear, we'll be back in 2007. In the mean time, shut down your computer and go finish off the brandy butter/Yule log/big fat crossword.

row your boat


We recently attended the Dutch Indoor Rowing Championships.


There were cheerleaders...


...little tasty drinks...


...and nice people to drink the drinks.


But our favourite bit was seeing all of the contestants neatly lined up in rows (no pun intended), which is why we're showing you this photo for a second time.

ynzo and the ladies


Here's Ynzo. He's just about to be interviewed for Dutch TV by a famous Dutch lady called Myrna Goossen. Also pictured is one of the grannies who has been supporting SuperOma (the Dutch version of Supergran). The interview will be on TV in January, so we'll post a link to it then.

tastebud tickler


This is Alex and Eleanor. Alex (on the left) is 9, and is here at Fruit Towers today to help us with some product development. Her favourite smoothie is our kids' apple and blackcurrant, but she also likes the strawberry ones. And if any of our North Pole drinkers are reading this, Alex would like a big pen set for Christmas, please.