Thoughts from August 2006

the music


A person known as 'a tree' just commented on the music in our advert. He/she says:

" slightly clarify on the music side. the track is called the coo coo bird 1 and is widely available on the kama aina collection, music activist, on geographic music via domino. kama aina is one of the guises of takuji aoyagi, an amazing japanese musician, who is a sometime contributor to world standard. coo coo bird 1 which features on the ad is his composition and his music is very often in this style - odd and melodic and slightly melancholic. if you want to buy music activist (with coo coo bird 1) you should be able to get it here..."

Thanks for the info.

the highest form of flattery?


I've had this promotional leaflet on my desk for a while, so I thought I would share. It's from Thailand, produced by a company called Real Simple who started making smoothies a little while ago. Of course, what strikes me is that their bottles and packaging look quite similar to ours.

We can never quite figure out how to feel about this. Is it a good thing that we're influencing other people? Or should we get really angry that we're being ripped off? It's happened a few times before, so we've definitely got used to it, but every time it happens you can't help but get a bit annoyed.

Anyway, if you have any thoughts on how we should deal with imitation, post a comment - would be nice to have a proper discussion about it.