Thoughts from August 2006

filming in the park


We start selling drinks in Denmark very soon. One of the first things we need is a little advert that will be shown on instore TV in some of the places where we'll be selling our drinks.

Before something like this gets made, we always ask the question 'can we make it ourselves?' Sometimes we need help from the professionals, but often the job is simple enough for us to do on our own. Besides, if you don't try to do stuff yourself, you'll never learn how to do new things.

As this ad will only be 12 seconds long and just needs to say "Hello. We're innocent. Fancy buying our drinks?" we figured that we could handle it. So I phoned up our friends Ed and Jerry (they should do ice cream) and they came down to help. Ed is the friend who helped us make our first TV advert in Gunnersbury Park last year. There were three of us there that day as well.


This time we chose Wimbledon Park. It's a bit closer to Ed's house and there were still a few blades of green grass if you looked hard enough. It was a sunny day, we got the vital 12 seconds, and we're off to Jim's house at the weekend to edit it. Couldn't be easier.

win big prizes


Seems like a few people have started posting their Fruitstock photos to the flickr group. They're better than ours, which we figured would be the case.

To encourage even more pics to be posted, we are offering three prizes of £250 to each of our favourite three photos. We'll keep checking the group and pick our favourites in a week or two, so if you haven't posted some up there already, now's your chance.

Good luck.

pop sensation


We just got offered the chance to sponsor "Italian pop sensation Lorenz". Although he's "a good looking fit, healthy guy in his 20s" and has a new single coming out soon, we're not looking for pop stars to sponsor at the moment.

If you are, get in touch with Lorenz's people here.

more fine pictures from Fruitstock


It's 17.23 and people are starting to wilt in the office. But it was a busy weekend - Monday was never going to be easy. Anyway, pictures are starting to arrive - keep posting yours to the flickr group if you get a chance.



And a big final thanks to Daisy, Jenny and Jess for organising the whole darned thing. Jess is sadly not in the pic above, but the other two are - if you had a good time at Fruitstock, it's them you should be thanking.

that was the weekend that was



What a weekend. You came, you saw, you did a funny little dance. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made it down to the park and made our festival a truly great and busy thing.

We reckon about 150,000 people came to Fruitstock over the weekend, and everyone seemed to have a great time. There will be more pictures and stuff posted on the official site in the next few days, but for now, we will say thanks once again and then go and have a lie down in a dark corner.

PS if you've got any photos that you want to share, please pop them into this flickr group and tag all your pics with 'fruitstock' so that we can have a good look at them all.