Thoughts from August 2006

unit 6 here we come


Our first proper office was big enough for three people and a sink, so we could wash the mugs. When we moved downstairs into an office with a proper front door and room for six people, it felt pretty special.

We haven't really stopped growing since then. As a result, Fruit Towers in London is pretty much rammed these days. Luckily, we've just got the keys to next door (unit 6) so in a few weeks we'll be occupying units 3, 4, 5 and 6. We'll be up to about 100 people in London by then (another 30 or so in Manchester, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam and Copenhagen) so we're looking forward to stretching out a bit.

rolls of astroturf, ready to be laid in the new office

posh caravan - know where to get one?


We're looking to get hold of a posh caravan/trailer - maybe the sort that gets used on a film shoot or outside broadcast. We want to pitch it outside our office for a special team that we're putting together. Ideally, it should be a bit bigger than the one pictured above - we'll probably have to fit about six people into it

Do you know where we could find such a thing? Are there companies that hire them out? Or sell them? All info welcome...

Fruitstock - an apology


Some bits of Fruitstock went really well. The weather was good, the bands were brilliant and loads of the new bits, especially the new, improved kids' area, went down a treat. Lots of people went away having had a fine (and free) weekend.

But there were some things that didn't work so well, as visitors to the Fruitstock site will have read in the message we posted on its front page when we got to work on Monday. Namely...

"We'd like to make a couple of quick apologies. First up, the toilets. The queues were too long and we're sorry that you had to wait in line. We're also sorry about starting late on Sunday. The amount of people that turned up the day before meant that sorting the rubbish took longer than expected. We also had to make sure that any broken glass was cleared up so that the site was safe. Anyway, hope this didn't spoil things for you."

Anyway, thought we should post this message on here as well, seeing as people who read this might not have read it on the Fruitstock site. Rest assured, we are sitting here working out how to make it all work perfectly next time.

[picture at the top by hoen, whose friends cycled from Oxford to come to Fruitstock]