Thoughts from August 2006



Sophie made a robot out of our kids' smoothie cartons and boxes. It rocks.

Of course, she gave us permission to show the photos, and she checked with her mum too.


Nice skull mug in the background.

free lunch thursday


Every Thursday we have a free lunch. I haven't quite worked out why, but people like bringing in their wares and letting us have a taste. Today's lunch was the best so far - some people called Jollof Pot who specialise in proper Ghanaian grub. Super fresh and tasty.


Another good thing was that they brought along some dishes made from dried cassava starch for us to eat from. Very sustainable.

Beano took a bite out of one and said that it reminded him of a stale Wotsit. But then you're not supposed to eat them.


testing testing

We're going to be monkeying around with our typepad blog for the next couple of hours, so apologies if this page starts looking a little strange. In case you're wondering what we're up to, we're trying to better integrate this blog with our website.

We started up this Typepad blog just as a test to see if we liked blogging, and to see if anyone actually read it. The plan was, if all went well, we'd build the blog into our site.

And it seems to work. We like blogging and we like the fact that people read it and comment. So Ted, our web designer, is going to format this page so it looks the same as the pages on our website. And it'll now sit on our main site.

The good thing is that you shouldn't have to update your RSS feeds, and the address will still take you to our blog; it'll just be nested in our site, rather than sitting all lonesome on Typepad.

Of course we should probably be doing this testing at the weekend or at midnight so no one would notice, but to be honest, we figured you wouldn't mind too much. And Ted's got to go to a wedding on Saturday.

welcome to copenhagen


We just had our first visitor at Viking Towers in Copenhagen. Jonathan (second from left) popped in last week - he's English but has lived in Denmark for a while. Best of all, he's the voice at Copenhagen airport who does the security announcements ("attention all passengers" and all of that), and when he's not doing that, he's a copywriter/PR sort of person.

Thanks for stopping by.

our biofuelled future

Hey, who said we're boring? First a post on geothermal heating and now one on biofuels. I read this article the other day and it made me think a bit better about how we're going to fuel the planet after the oil's gone. And the answer is that even the 'clean' solutions aren't as smart as we might think they are.

Guess it's back to the bike.

PS The New Statesman only allows one free viewing of an article per day, so if you want to read it later, perhaps copy the text somewhere so you can read it at your leisure. But obviously don't sell or transmit it or anything, because then you'll get locked up.