Thoughts from August 2006

new words to ponder

Lots of new words have been added to the dictionary, including quite a few that describe our status as an increasingly obese nation.

It's also slightly worrying that not many people know what a blog is.

creative juice


People sometimes ask us how we come up with creative ideas for marketing/design stuff. Easy. Two pints of shandy, one pint of orange and lemonade and one pint of lime and soda. Maybe some nuts too.

milk, two sugars

The folks upstairs at Fruit Towers have got a method for reminding each other how they take their tea. They write it on the walls above their desks.





from the top - Nicky, Lucy, Jonathan, Jenny

gee honey


Did you know that honey bees have to gather nectar from two million flowers in order to make a pound of honey, which means that one bee would have to fly 3 times round the globe to make a pound of honey? Cor blimey. However, in reality the average honey bee will only make 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in their lifetime. Sob.

But the best bee fact is that they communicate using the medium of dance, as shown in this highly informative film.

Thanks to Vicky for letting us use this photo from her flickr.