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it's back, and it's bigger than ever

It is, of course, the big knit.

And this year we're aiming to put a million little hats on our smoothie bottles. A whole million.

Please get involved by knitting as many little hats as you can manage and popping them in the post to us. But be quick, because the deadline's 31st October.

Every time we sell a bottle with a hat on, we donate 25p to charities that help older people to stay healthy, warm and well in winter. Find out all about it (and get knitting patterns and inspiration) over at


the big knit

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Big Knit 2012 - Hat of the Week: Ice Cream vs. Olympians (the final)

Ladies & gentlemen, knitters, Age UK supporters and collectors of tiny woolly hats; two incredible knitters have made it through the rigorous heats and semi-finals of our Hat of the Week contest. Many of you will have voted to get them here and now they reach their final challenge. Who wins Big Knit 2012 Hat of the Year? Only you can decide.

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Big Knit Hat of the Week Semi Final 2 - Chicks vs Olympians

The heats are over, the votes have been counted and you've selected the final four from this year’s amazing hats. Our second semi-final sees a pair of spritely chicks take on a pair of world champion athletes. Which should make it through to the final? Only you can decide.

      Mrs Vasey’s Olympians

Sarah’s chicks

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