Daily Thoughts

international visitors

On our labels we've always said to people that if they're passing Fruit Towers and they fancy popping in, they should. If you think about it, it makes sense - we get to meet the people who make our business possible, and they come of their own accord (they're not herded in like some weird market research session). We get to say thanks and maybe we get to find out what they like and what they don't like, about our drinks and the wider world. So we get the chance to make our drinks even better, according to what these innocent drinkers tell us. We've been used to this happening in London for a while but it's new to the people in our Amsterdam office. Yesterday they got their first ever international visitors. As Niels (our creative bod in Amsterdam) says:

"Nicolas and Marco came all the way from Cologne to take a look at our office. They love our smoothies and drove 260 kilometers just to come and see us. Now, that is pretty cool if you ask me. So of course we gave them some smoothies and talked about Germany, the World Cup and why our smoothies are not being sold in Germany yet. And after some hugs from me and kisses from Marijntje off they went again, back to smoothieless Germany."


Brilliant. So, Nicolas and Marco (above, modelling innocent t-shirts and identical trousers), if you're reading, thanks for stopping by and having a chat.

bingo madness

A nice man called Russell has said some good stuff about our summer bingo card. And he's also started a flickr group where we can all record what we do this summer in order to try to tick off the boxes on said bingo card.

Russell says "I've made a Flickr group called Innocent Summer Bingo, anyone can post pictures of their bingo-ing in there. Personally, this is how I'm going to organise my summer."

Click here to check out the flickr group - start posting your photos there pronto.

lovely plums


We know a fair bit about fruit and so does the man down at Shepherds Bush market. His soft fruit is really hitting the spot at the moment. Buy now to avoid disappointment.

time for bingo

We've made a bingo card for summer. It's pretty smart - it's full of nice pictures of stuff you should do while the sun is shining. The idea is that you print it out, stick it up and then tick off all of the things that you get up to.

Let us know if you manage to tick everything off.

You can download it here.

rooney injury - latest


Olly sent us this picture from the England training camp in Baden Baden. It seems that Wayne Rooney is using a couple of Elastoplast to help speed his recovery.