Daily Thoughts

the magic of ebay

I didn't know that ebay did this, but I guess lots of you might. Anyway, there's no harm in sharing. We got an email yesterday saying that someone has put a mobile phone up for auction and has chosen to donate 10% of the auction proceeds to the innocent foundation (our charity).

What a great thing. What a great person. Apparently it's all very easy - you just select the option to give a bit (or all) of the auction proceeds when entering details of your item. And there's a third party company called Missionfish who make it all possible.

Thank you ebay. Thank you Missionfish. And especially well done anonymous ebay seller.



There is a lot of love for Ade from Howies at Fruit Towers. The girls are building a little shrine to him - I think he's been helping them out massively with a big new order of t-shirts for Fruitstock. Watch out Mrs Ade.

our peter


Peter Kay was across the road doing a voiceover yesterday. Afterwards he knocked on our door and borrowed some drinks while people took turns to get their pictures taken with him. What a nice man.

the main thing

A friend of mine is a journalist and was telling me that at the recent O2 Wireless music festival (I think it was in London), the one thing that didn't work was the wireless internet connection backstage. So all of the journalists and photographers had a bit of a tough time filing their copy and sending their pictures.

So I guess the lesson is that if you're spending all of that money telling people about your company's core thingummybob ("hey, we're wireless") then it probably pays to take care of the wireless bit before the pop music. Keep the main thing the main thing, as a wise man once said.

Making great tasting drinks is our main thing, just in case you were wondering.